About us

Sandblasting is a general term which is used to describe small bits of material being forced with high velocity air to a blast pot and through a blaster nozzle to clean or etch a surface.  The term sandblasting is actually an outdated term because sand is not used anymore due to health hazards.  Media Blasting is the new term to encompass the many different types of abrasive materials that now have surpassed sand. New medias not only each have their value, but are all environmentally friendly!

Why waste precious time using sandpaper or harsh chemicals, which are extremely dangerous to you, your family, and the environment by taking on the nasty job of removing rust or paint when instead you could use Blaster Master!

Remove:  Rust, Paint, Powder Coating, Tar, Graffiti, Chrome, Silver, Gold, Plating, Grime

Restore:  All Surfaces, Metal, Brick, Clapboard, Cement, Stone, Fireplaces, Wood, Fiberglass, Fire Damage

Applications:  Wheels, Plows, Frames, Bicycles, Automobiles, Motorcycles, Parts, Glass Etching, Boats, Railings, Radiators, Paint Preparation, Chassis, Body Panels, Detailing

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